Jude (danceonstardust) wrote in house_cam_ot,

Questions about House's Dad and past


In this clip, it was revealed House's father didn't speak to him for months (he typed up everything and give to him under his door) and I was wondering if that was mentioned in an episode or something... or maybe I had a hint of Deja vu which always happens to me. I think a fanfic mentioned that. Either some of the writers has been reading fanfiction or it's real. lol.


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...I don't think it's been mentioned on the show...and I'm fairly certain the writers are forbidden from reading fanfic because of legal reasons. ...so if your deja vu is because you read it in fanfic, then either it's merely coincidence or someone's been violating the rules...
Maybe someone is psych. I seriously heard this before. Ugh, my mind is creeping me out man!! XD
I bet it was ff.
I had the same feeling as well. HL did an interview saying that in a dream, House blew up his apartment because a mosquito was bothering him and during the same day of the shoot in New Jersey a guy did the SAME THING! It's crazy how things happen like this.