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A Special Ticket For All HouseMD Fans

To All House MD Fans:

My friends and I have started a forum. This forum will give you a chance to interact with the VIPs.


That means you can post happy birthdays to cast, ask questions them questions and IT WILL GET TO THEM.

All are welcome but please be aware YOU MUST FOLLOW THE RULES. Since we having VIPs in this forum, the rules that need to be followed are stickler. We will ban more because of the VIPs. If we think that a VIP is in danger or being stalked at by our fellow forum members. THEY WILL BE BANNED ASAP WITHOUT NOTICE.

The forum is not officially opened but the other staff and I wanted to give the House MD fans of livejournal a chance to look at it and tell what you think. We will officially open at May 14th but you all have been given a special ticket to enter. This window of opportunity will close at Thursday (10pm, est). After the window is closed no member except staff will be allowed in. We are still tweaking.

Rules to treat a VIPs:

Below are some help guidelines on how to treat a VIP. Keep in mind, this is the probably the tenth time I'm telling you everyone how to behave in this forum. I am not your parent so please do not ask me to reprimand you!!!! Learn the rules well!!!

Rule 1: Think before you post.

Rule 2: Read before you post

Rule 3: Remember that VIPs are just people too and that if the roles were reversed, you would want to be treated the same way. WITH SOME RESPECT!!! Don't post anything that might offend them or might cause them feel like they are being disrespected.

Rule 4: Avoid personal questions or questions that seem out creepy and strange. It will make them feel uncomfortable.
*For example: What kind of underwear do you wear? Boxers or Briefs?
What is your middle name?
Instead Ask: What is your favorite food? (But don't go into specifics like what brand they prefer, etc)

Rule 5: Do not harrass, intimidate, humiliate, belittle, annoy, irritate, abuse, stalk, pester, etc.

Rule 6: Please act mature, do not act immature and childish.

Rule 7: Ask smart questions
For example: A singer like Mariah Carey. We know that she sings so don't ask what her occupation is.
Instead Ask: What genre of music do you prefer to sing: POP, R&B, RAP, etc.

*If you do not follow these guidelines you will not be allowed to go to the  forum.


Member Profiles:

You will noticed that there are some of the forum members are in different colors. Below is who they are classified under:







*NOTE: By clicking on the member's profiles, it will give you some basic description of who the members are or what they are classified under.

Any other questions, please PM the staff when you get there.



To the moderators of this community:

I apologize and if this in appropriate, feel free to delete it. If you have any more questions, send me a messsge. Thank you.


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